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  Name your five senses. How do they help you learn? Play a patty cake game with your parents. Act out how a caterpillar spins a chrysalis and turns into a butterfly. Draw a picture of the weather. Write the letters L-Z.


Play catch outside with a ball.


Use good manners all day.
Go on a walk and look for plants. How many can you name?
What happens to rain after it falls to the ground?
Think of words that start like "rain".
Eat some seeds for snack. (cucumber, tomato, sunflower, etc.)
Say two favorite nursery rhymes.
Do a job in your yard.
Sing "If You're Happy and You Know It."
Practice turning off the lights. How else can you save energy.
If you could be an animal, what would you be? Why?
Get an empty cereal box and make something out of it.
Hop like a bunny. Jump like a frog. Wiggle like a worm.
Ask your parents to tell you a story about whenyou were a baby.
Play "Hug Tag" with your family.
Brainstorm things that make you happy.
Play a favorite board game. Practice writing numbers 0-10. Can you write higher?
What does a plant need to live? What does an animal need?
Draw shapes on the sidewalk with chalk.
How many eggs in a dozen? Days in a week? Months in a year?
Go outside and pretend you are a bird and fly around.
Ask someone in your family to rub your back.
Think of words that rhyme with: book, rain, hop, make, sing, sun...
What are your initials? Can you write them?
Look for the recycle symbol on products in your house.
Complete this sentence: " If I were the President, I would..."


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