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Updated August 2020

Click the Images Below to Access Our 20-21 Return to School Plans
COVID Planning & Guidance 20-21Return to School Plan Highlights
Planning and Guidance DocumentOne Page Highlights of COVID Plan

SpartanHead Teaching and Learning

Updated August 2020


This section is dedicated to the Online Learning Platform for the 2020-2021 school year.

On 07.21.2020 Edmentum provided a webinar to Olympia families to demonstrate the K-5 and 6-12 platforms.  You can watch a recording of the session via the following link:

 Calvert Leaning Resources (K-5)

Calvert has updated their resource website for students, parents, and caregivers.  It now contains great resources covering:

  • Program Overview
  • Suggested Daily Schedules
  • A Day in the Life Using Calvert Learning
  • Using Calvert on iPads
  • Submitting Assignments
  • Student Print Materials
  • Live Parent Orientation Registrations
  • The PLUS Framework
  • and more!

Calvert Getting Started Resources

The following FAQ sheet is an updating resource that addresses the most common questions and situations that we have encountered while using Calvert Learning this fall.  Many issues are related directly to iPad use, though some items are universal to all devices.


This section is dedicated to the Remote Learning Plan which will go into effect if face-to-face learning becomes restricted at any time during the 2020-2021 school year.

District Remote Learning Plan. (Updated Sept. 2020)

Calendar School Events

Updated August 2020

Please refer to this section for the latest information on school events and travel. We will update our district through email, our school website, social media and app alerts of any changes in school events as soon as changes are made.


There will be no field trips until COVID restrictions are lifted.

Athletics & Activities

We will adhere to IHSA and IDPH guidelines.  Please refer to 8 to 18 for updated activity schedules.


BACC students should sign into their chromebook and then switch to their district87 google account before accessing their BACC Google Classroom resources.


We have moved!

The technology section now has its own dedicated page which can be access by clicking on this link: Click Here.

Currently, the site contains the same information that was previously on this page, but will be updated with other relevant technology information as time goes on.

Help Local Resources

Updated 3.20.20

With these difficult times affecting people and having several families that have reached out needing food assistance, there will be a drive thru food pantry pick up over the weekend and into early next week.  There is a sheet that families need to fill out and return via email at mmwhitecottton@gmail.com.  Once the form is filled out and returned there will be an established pickup time to pull up, pop the trunk or open the door, and load their order up. Doing it this way will hopefully limit exposure to people and yet still allow access to the resources available.

I also know helping hands is doing a pick up this weekend and all that information for Stanford residents is on their facebook page.

Links Additional Resources

Updated 4.14.20