Happy Admin Professional Day!

It’s National Administrative Professional’s Day today!  To change it up a bit, here is a short poem to celebrate all of the ways that you make Olympia a wonderful place to work and visit.  THANK YOU!

Admin assistants, we sing your praise,
For all the tireless work you do each day,
From greeting visitors with a warm smile,
To answering phones with patience and style.

Your skills are many, and your commitment is vast,
You handle all our needs, from first to last,
The schedules, the paperwork, the meetings too,
We don't know how we'd manage without you.

You're often the first friendly face we see,
And your hard work sets the tone for the day to be,
We know we can count on you, without fail,
To keep our schools running smoothly and prevail.

In the midst of all the serious work,
Know that we love all of your little quirks,
Maybe a funny joke or a silly pun,
To brighten up our day and make it fun.

So here's to you, admin assistants,
We appreciate you more than words can say,
You make our school a better place,
And we thank you for it every day!