Early Release

Wednesday, April 6th is an Early Release Day.

OHMS students will be dismissed at 11:30am after lunch is served.

Elementary students will be dismissed at noon after lunch is served.  

PreK Note:  The AM and PM preschool classes alternate on Early Release Days.  On April 6th, the AM preschool class will be in attendance and the PM class will not have school.  On the next Early Release Day, the PM class will come in the morning and the AM class will not have school.  Also on the Early Release Days the preschool class that is in attendance has a longer day.  They will attend from 8:00am until  noon and go home with the rest of the elementary students.  

AM PreK Early Release attendance days:  October 6, December 1, April 6

PM PreK Early Release attendance days: November 3, March 2, May 4