Physical Education – Health and Wellness

Health Promotion, Prevention, and Treatment
Unit Outcome Understands principles of health promotion and the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.
HW1.1 I can compare and contrast communicable, non-communicable, and other chronic diseases
HW 1.2 I can demonstrate basic procedures in emergency care (CPR).
HW 1.3 I can research a career in health promotion..
Human Body Systems:
Unit Outcome Understand the human body systems and factors that influence growth and development
HW2.1 I can explain functions, improvement, and maintenance of the body systems.
HW2.2 I can explain the effects of health related actions on the body systems..
Communication and Decision Making:
Unit Outcome Promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication and decision making skills
FLS 3.1 I can promote and enhance health and well-being through the use of effective communication and decision making skills

Physical Education - PE Wellness

Lifelong Fitness
Unit Outcome Develop and appreciate a plan for lifelong fitness.
PE1.1.1 I can use the elliptical, recumbent and stationary bikes, tread-mill, and low impact weights and understand their benefits
PE1.1.2 I can complete a basic stretching routine/warm-up and recognize anatomy associated with it.
PE1.1.3 I can understand the components of various activities including team and individualized games for various purposes.
Assessment Formative assessments include daily participation grades – summative assessment based on Fitnessgram and goals set (to receive a four on this assessment the student must explain in a reflection how he/she met/didn’t meet the goal and what steps he/she will take to meet the goal in the future).
Unit Outcome Participate in a team, collaborate with others, and use social skills with each other.
A1.1.1 I can build background knowledge about activities so that they can collaborate with others for success.
A1.1.2 I can work together for a common goal.
A1.1.3 I can use conflict resolution when there is a disagreement.
Assessment Formative assessments will be observed behaviors while in a group. Summative assessment would be formal observation of a student in the role of officiating and will assess the student on his/her ability to collaborate, work for a common goal, and resolve disagreement.
Unit Outcome Be responsible and advocate for self by wearing the appropriate attire and completing make-up work as necessary.
PE1.1.1 I can wear the appropriate attire for PE.
PE1.1.2 I can recognize the benefits attire can have on my participation
PE1.1.3 I am accountable for make-up assignments
Assessment Weekly Summative Assessment based on dress - 4 –Uniform Dress, 3 – Olympia Gear, 2 – PE appropriate clothes, No Dress - X
Skill Development
Unit Outcome Understand skills and techniques of each activity.
PE1.1.1 I can show written knowledge of rules and procedures for various activities.
PE1.1.2 I can show their physical knowledge and skills necessary for various activities
PE1.1.3 I can utilize maximum effort in showcasing their skill ability.
PE1.1.4 I can utilize maximum effort through the use of Fitnessgram.