With so much media and information coming at us through the television, phones, social media, and more, it's more important than ever for kids to understand the basics of media literacy. When kids can identify different types of news and media and the methods and meanings behind them, they're on their way to being critical thinkers and smart consumers. Throughout the month, we will be sharing a set of five tips to help your children become critical thinkers of news and media. Here is a short video to get those conversations started! bit.ly/OlyNMV5
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"Meet the Regional Team Night" for the OHS Speech Team will happen tonight starting at 6 PM in the High School Learning Center. All 14 individual events on the Regional Team will be presenting their pieces prior to the IHSA Regional Olympia being hosted on Saturday, February 4!
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Olympia Middle School Will Present Annie JR. on Thursday February 3, at 4:00 PM; Saturday, February 4, at 7:00 PM; and Sunday, February 5, at 2:00 PM at the Olympia High School Theater. Tickets are $4 for students and $6 for Adults. The tickets can be purchased from a cast or crew member, calling Wendy Wade at (309) 379-5941, ext. 8330, or at the door. Annie JR. follows the story of an orphan named Annie (Alice Brucker) living a “hard-knock life” at The New York Municipal Orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan (Bella Callanos). Annie dreams of being reunited with her parents and takes action to find them. From adventure to adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan’s evil machinations, befriends President Franklin Roosevelt (Layla Durham) and finds a new family in billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Leo Durheim), his personal secretary Grace Farrell (Addalynn Stewart) and a lovable mutt named Sandy (Olivia)!
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OMS students celebrated the 100th day of school in style with a scavenger hunt. Mrs. Dupureur and Ms. Holmes passed out 100th Day tickets to each of the teachers. Teachers then hid the tickets around their classroom. The first 100 students who found a ticket were able to redeem it for a sweet treat!
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OMS 100 Days of School
Friday Market this week!
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Friday Markets
1.19.23 | 3:01 Phone lines into OHS, OMS, and the Unit Office are back up and working.
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Phones working
Phones at OHS, OMS, and the Unit Office are currently not receiving outside calls. If you need to contact someone at these locations, please call one of our elementary schools and they can transfer you to the correct building.
15 days ago, Sean Mullins
Phones down
01.17.2023 | 12:11 PM Phones are back up and operational at OHS, OMS, and the Unit Office. Thank you for your patience!
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Phones Working
Today, January 9th, is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We wanted to take a moment to recognize and honor Olympia's School Resource Officer (SRO), Deputy Ben Zehr. Deputy Zehr joined us earlier this school year, and he has done a fantastic job connecting with students, staff, and families. He is an active presence during the school day, and at extracurricular activities. Thank you, Deputy Zehr!
25 days ago, Alyssa Jones
Deputy Zehr
Quick reminder! OMS Artists taking art this semester need a sketchbook & a set of Crayola watercolors for class next week! Please let Mrs J know if you have any questions!
25 days ago, Laura Johnson
OMS artists get a sketchbook and crayola watercolors
Families, join us for some winter fun! Free event for ALL Oly students, families and staff. Mark your calendar!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Maris
winter wellness event
Video Link: bit.ly/olyRCv2 "It's complicated" can describe many of our relationships with others, both romantic and otherwise. Add digital devices and social media to the mix, and things get complicated even further. Help students take the first step toward building healthy and rewarding friendships and romantic relationships, both online and off. Students listen to other teens' thoughts and feelings about having and maintaining boundaries in friendships online, in a world of being constantly connected.
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Rewarding Relationships
:: Develop their instincts :: Help kids learn to trust their guts so they can suss out creepy, risky, or otherwise unsafe online situations. Playact a few scenarios: What if someone asks to take a conversation private? What if someone asks for your phone number? What if someone invites you to a private chat room? Be aware that some kids (even "good" kids) will explore iffy stuff online out of curiosity. But the minute they feel uncomfortable, they need to shut things down.
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Family Tip 4
OMS students received a surprise PBIS party today for their awesome work this semester! The Grinch came to ruin the celebration but low and behold, his heart grew three sizes and he ended up becoming respectful, safe, and responsible along with the rest of the OMS family! Happy Holidays, Spartans!
about 1 month ago, Alyssa Jones
Video Link: bit.ly/olyRCv5 It's natural for teens to be curious about their emerging sexuality. But most children aren't prepared for the risks of exploring this in the digital age. Help your kids think critically about self-disclosure in relationships and practice how they'd respond to a situation where sexting -- or a request for sexting -- might happen. In this video, kids can hear other teens' honest -- and sometimes frank -- thoughts about the pressures and risks that come with sexting, then consider how they might react in similar situations.
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Sexing, Relationships, and Risks
:: Empathize with the pressure to overshare :: Tweens and teens might feel pushed into sharing a sexy photo for different reasons: a dare, fear of damaging a relationship, or just because "everyone else is doing it." But this one is nonnegotiable. Tell them that you understand how bad it can feel to disappoint a friend. Then help them imagine how much worse it would feel if a private picture were shared with their whole school.
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Family Tip 3
Video Link: bit.ly/olyRCv6 For most middle schoolers, being on social media can mean connecting with friends, sharing pictures, and keeping up-to-date. But it can also mean big-time distractions, social pressures, and more. Help your kids navigate the different feelings they may already be experiencing on social media. In this video, kids hear what other teens have to say about using social media to connect with friends, consider the complications and distractions that can happen, and think critically about how social media affects their own relationships.
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My Social Media Life
:: Learn about their worlds :: Tweens and teens have unique communication styles -- especially online. As much as possible, keep an eye on what they're saying and doing online to understand the norm in their worlds. Don't police everything they say, but keep an ear out for aggressive trash-talking, hate speech, rude images, or anything hurtful. If you see stuff that crosses the line, speak up. Kids need to understand that their words have consequences.
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Family Tip 2
Phone outages from yesterday (12.12.22) have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!
about 2 months ago, Sean Mullins
We still have a few OMS students needing sponsored. https://www.olympia.org/o/district/page/nhs-angel-tree
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angel tree