Coaching and Sponsor Opportunities at OHMS for 2023-24
7 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
current openings
Spartan Staff spent the morning in various professional development sessions on topics including trauma responsive instruction, restorative practices, special education strategies for students, elementary science instruction, and regulation strategies for students. Thank you to all our presenters!
13 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
The 2023 Spartan Retirees were recognized this morning. Congrats to Dr. Jodlowski, Mrs. Deal, Mrs. McDannald, and Mr. Stine. Thank you all for your dedication to our students and families over the years. You will be missed!
13 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
March 13th is a Teacher Institute Day for Olympia. There is NO SCHOOL for students!
14 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
No School
OMS track starts on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 from 3:30-5:30 p. Participants need to be registered on 8 to 18 and have a current physical.
18 days ago, Rodney Dale
Seventh grade students researched and developed bills they would like to become federal laws through a Mock Congress Simulation. Students wrote their bills, tried to persuade the class to vote, and now they are introducing and debating their bills on the House of Representatives floor. If their bills pass, they will be presented to the President (Mr. Jones) and signed into law.
21 days ago, Alyssa Jones
​Due to hazardous weather conditions, all Olympia after school activities have been cancelled and there will be no shuttle. Please be safe!
24 days ago, Sean Mullins
Activities Cancelled
Over 40 OMS students/parents participated in the first annual OMS College and Career Night. Various high school class options, future career opportunities, and financial aid topics were covered. It was a great night to discuss our students’ future plans. Thank you to all you attended. Mr. Jones will share the slides and handouts with families in this week’s OMS Spartan News You Can Use.
25 days ago, Alyssa Jones
Reminder! Tonight at 6:00 pm. OMS College & Career Night from 6:00-7:00 in G-7. OHS Counselor, Katie Turner, will share high school course options that students can take to prepare them for the future. We will discuss deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and more.
26 days ago, Mike Jones
College & Career
Our brains are great at using past experiences to make quick decisions on the fly, but these shortcuts can also lead to bias. "Confirmation bias" is our brain's tendency to seek out information that confirms things we already think we know. Help your kids learn to recognize this when they encounter news online, as a way to examine competing opinions and ideas and to avoid drawing questionable conclusions.
28 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Confirmation Bias
OMS families are invited to the first OMS College & Career Night on March 1st from 6:00 -7:00. OHS Counselor, Katie Turner, will share high school course options that students can take to prepare them for the future. We will discuss deadlines, scholarship opportunities, and more.
28 days ago, Mike Jones
College & Career Night
OMS students and staff participated in their 3rd Quarter PBIS assembly which included relays and competitions. The OMS cheer team kicked off the festivities. Students used their PBIS tickets to choose three staff members to kiss a pig! Our lucky winners were Mr. Ruppert, Mrs. Mehl, and Mrs Stine. Today’s assembly was about celebrating the positive behaviors displayed by our students this past quarter! Our students and staff are awesome at OMS!
about 1 month ago, Alyssa Jones
oms is where millions of people stop first for information. Tools like it are what make the internet so valuable. But they also teach an important lesson, one you can start teaching your kids now: don’t believe everything you read. Family Tip Sheet:
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Check out this list of trustworthy resources to help you learn what's true (and what is not!) on the web. You can even use one of them to look back in time and what was on a website in the past!
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Fearless Fact Finding
Tip #5: Choose a Variety of Sources Show your children how you get news and information from different places, and explain how you make your choices. Use words like "credible," "trustworthy," "respected," and "fair." Ask them where they get their information, and if they think about those same words when choosing. As kids get older, introduce the ideas of bias, satire, and clickbait.
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Tip 5
If a picture's worth a thousand words, do the words always tell a true story? One way to find out is through a reverse image search. Search with an image instead of a keyword and see what you discover!
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Reverse Image Search
In observance of Presidents' Day, Olympia will not have school on Monday, February 20, 2023.
about 1 month ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
no school
Tip #4: Play "Should You Share?" Talk through the kind of content you and your tween or teen pass along to friends online. What types of things do you like to share? Do you always check to make sure something is true before you share it? How do emotions factor into your decisions to share things? Have you ever shared something and later found out it wasn't true?
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Tip 4
In Mrs. Langley’s Career Skill’s Class, student’s learn a wide variety of information about multiple career paths. One such path is Trades. Olympia Senior, Andrew Carroll, is headed down that path as an Electrician upon graduation. He will be entering into an apprenticeship. He stopped into Mrs. Langley’s class to discuss this fantastic career opportunity where he will finish with a successful job and zero student loan debt. The students were interested in learning about trade jobs and this trade path. There is expected to be a significant shortage of trade jobs over the next 10 years. Let’s help our students go down the right path to success. Thank you Andrew for sharing your future path to success!!!
about 1 month ago, Gabrielle Elless
Tip #3: Explore Different Sides of a Story! Use real-life examples to help kids understand how people can view the same situation with totally different perspectives. One child might experience a game on the playground as fun, while another might feel like the rules are unfair. Sibling conflict can be a great example of how two people can have wildly different opinions about the same event. With older children, talk through controversial subjects and take turns arguing for different sides to help kids understand various viewpoints.
about 1 month ago, EdTech@Oly
Tip 3