Early release Wednesday means STEM time for Olympia South Elementary. Thank you to State Farm for your support and to Mrs. Tibbs for making these opportunities possible. Our high school STEM Club students have been amazing mentors and facilitators to our elementary students that are learning Block coding to program robots.
18 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
SF South
Today at Olympia
18 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
Tonight is SENIOR NIGHT for the Spartan Girl's Basketball Team. The JV and Varsity Teams take on Athens in a conference match. Come out and show your support for our seniors!!
19 days ago, Oren Baran
https://youtu.be/mh1dLvGe06Y - BBC video When we get news from our social media feeds, it often only tells us part of the story. Our friends -- and the website's algorithms -- tend to feed us perspectives we already agree with. Check out these ways to escape the filter bubble and make sure your ideas about the world are being challenged.
19 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Filter Bubble Trouble
Early voting begins today! Check out details for your county at www.olympia.org/vote #MaintainRetainInnovate #TaxSwap #VoteMarch19
19 days ago, Sean Mullins
Early Voting
Today at Olympia
19 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
Baseball open gyms for next week will be Sunday, Feb 11th at noon and Thursday, Feb 15th at 6:00. Both will be in the HS gym and for all HS levels (varsity, JV, freshmen)
20 days ago, Olympia Baseball
When you see advertising on TV or on a billboard, ask your children to figure out what the ad is selling. Sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes it's not. Help them explore why certain pictures, sounds, or words are used to sell certain products. Could AI be being used in the ad?
20 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Fake News Tip 2
Congratulations to the Spartans that were inducted into the Technical Honor Society at the Bloomington Area Career Center (BACC). Thank you for representing Olympia so well!
20 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
Well-crafted headlines benefit everyone. They help readers digest information and publishers sell news stories. But what if the headline is misleading? What if it's crafted just to get clicks and not to inform? "Clickbait" headlines may benefit advertisers and publishers (think $$$), but they don't benefit readers. And when they go viral, they can badly misinform the public. This week, look for clickbait headlines in the media that you consume and discuss them with your family. How many can you find before Sunday rolls around!?
21 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Today at Olympia
21 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
Video: bit.ly/OlyNMV2 All media comes with an author and an agenda. Help kids think critically about any media they view with critical questions that dig below the surface. And to really empower kids, have them create their own media with these same questions in mind.
22 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Essential Questions When Viewing Media
Happy National School Counseling Week to our School Counselors!
22 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
school counseling week
The next baseball open gym will be Monday, February 5th for Freshmen, JV and Varsity. 6:00 HS Gym.
25 days ago, Olympia Baseball
Help your children analyze the info around them, from toy packaging to Instagram posts to news headlines, and question the purpose of the words and images they see. Teach kids how to use fact-checking tools like Snopes and FactCheck.org.
25 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Fake News Tip 1
For up to date referendum news throughout February and March, please follow our district social media pages. #MaintainRetainInnovate #TaxSwap #VoteMarch19
25 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Vote March 19
With so much media and information coming at us through the television, phones, social media, and more, it's more important than ever for kids to understand the basics of media literacy. When kids can identify different types of news and media and the methods and meanings behind them, they're on their way to being critical thinkers and smart consumers. Throughout the month, we will be sharing a set of five tips to help your children become critical thinkers of news and media. Here is a short video to get those conversations started! bit.ly/OlyNMV5
26 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Spot Fake News
Families, mark your calendar for our next session on depression! February 20th at 8:00 PM via Zoom. Sign up for the link to show up in your inbox!
28 days ago, Michelle Maris
Today at Olympia
28 days ago, MIKE CASTLEMAN
The JV and Varsity Girls Basketball Teams get a pair of wins at El-Paso Gridley. Varsity is back home tomorrow in a conference game against Riverton. JV will begin the Central Catholic Tourney on Wednesday vs St. Joseph Ogden.
29 days ago, Oren Baran