Oly North Kindergarten is having fun while working on fine motor skills!
over 5 years ago, Jessica Ballard
Beaded snowflake ornaments
Play doh trees
Each month, Mrs. Ruppert comes into the first grade classrooms and teaches a lesson on one of our Spartan skills. This month was about empathy. They watched a short video, talked about empathy and then drew the correct emotions to match their elves’ story.
over 5 years ago, Allison Brutlag
Empathy lesson
Empathy lesson
Empathy lesson
Empathy lesson
5th graders have been learning all about computer science this week and were treated with a guest speaker today! A huge thank you to Jeff Hevrin, a data scientist from COUNTRY, who came to share with us and answer all of our questions about coding!!
over 5 years ago, Stevie Miller
Mr. Hevrin sharing with 5th graders
5th graders excited about coding!
Practicing for our program!! #penguins #olyspartanpride
over 5 years ago, Ms. Haines
Kindergarten penguins
Third grade elves delivered “How to Catch an Elf” to the students. Third graders will be building their own traps to catch an elf.
over 5 years ago, Cortney Schmidgall
When you are motivated and persevere to do your very best, you can and will do amazing things!
over 5 years ago, Mary Karns
Mrs.Karn's Door
The kids in the RISE room are having snow much fun making crafts!
over 5 years ago, Jodi Hospelhorn
RISE bulletin board
Students in Mrs. Schroeder’s 2nd grade have been having SNOW much fun writing a snowman story, inviting the snowmen to play and reading snowman books!
over 5 years ago, Kaitlin Schroeder
Writing our stories!
Snowman Story
Writing our stories!
Our Class Letter!
Kindergarten students are coding and using collaboration to solve problems. They need to get the monster through the woods to eat strawberries. OSMO has many parts including science, numbers, art, spelling, math, and coding.
over 5 years ago, Laura Baner
OSMO coding
OSMO coding
We have had 2 ISU students working in our classroom this semester. We wish them well as they continue their journey to becoming elementary teachers.
over 5 years ago, Kathy Jackson
First Grade
Miss Slifer’s students are making the room look a lot like Christmas as they work toward their speech and language goals.
over 5 years ago, Jane Slifer
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at school.
200th Birthday for Illinois Fourth Grade celebrated by singing the state song and creating a pennant timeline.
over 5 years ago, Rita Park
4th Grade celebrated with a candy birthday “cake” and candle.
Welcome to the Sandwich Shack where first graders selected stories from a menu and practiced the skill of retelling.
over 5 years ago, Allison Brutlag
Learning center activity
Learning center activity
Learning center activity
Kindergarten enjoyed picking popcorn sight words and writing them on their own popcorn piece. Students are excited to share their snack with their parents tonight. Happy sight word reading!
over 5 years ago, Laura Baner
Popcorn sight words
4th-5th grade canned food drive off to a good start! Students are trying to raise 400 food items and $275 to donate to Helping Hands in Stanford and Project Evergreen in Danvers.
over 5 years ago, Teri Steffen
Our first donations for the 4th-5th grade canned food drive.
Mrs. Loyer’s 2nd graders are learning how to respond to their reading through letter writing. Today we wrote a letter to Mr. Hurley to recommend a new book we read!
over 5 years ago, Tara Loyer
Writing to Mr. Hurley
Writing to Mr. Hurley
Writing our favorite part
Telling Mr. Hurley about our new book
The 5th graders at Oly North are helping kindergartners learn how to code with Scratch Jr.
over 5 years ago, Jessica Ballard
Learning to code
Learning to code
Learning to code
The third graders are under “Elf Watch” this December!
over 5 years ago, Becky Westerfield
Elf Watch
Deck The Halls is tomorrow night from 5:30-7:00 pm at ONE!
over 5 years ago, Matt Hurley
New books going on the shelves!! This is just a handful of the new books I was able to purchase for the library with profit from the book fair during Grandparents Day!
over 5 years ago, Stacey Boots
New Books!!