Olympia App

Are you using the Olympia CUSD 16 app?  If you are, you may have noticed a few updates recently.  If you are not, now is a great time to jump on board due to a slew of new and updated features!  Here are few reasons why you should download the app today...

  • Push Notifications.  Don't miss any of the posts that your school puts on social media or the website!  You can set the app to alert you anytime new information is posted.
  • Quick Access.  Instead of wading through the website, you can quickly access all of the important outreach from Olympia right from the app.  Check out the following from each building; all with a swipe and a tap...
    • Live Feed posts
    • News articles
    • Events
    • Staff
    • Lunch menu information and,
    • Documents
  • Better support for mobile.  Our app now looks pretty on most phones with notches and expanded screen sizes.

Check out the following video for a visual of all of these features!

You can find links to download the app at the bottom of any of our website pages, or click the following links for your chosen device.