Check out Coat Giveaway Details:
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coat give away
Did you miss last night's session on Emotional Regulation? Check out the replay to find out what e-motion is: It's a good session worth your time.
2 days ago, Michelle Maris
emotional regulation
Did you miss last night's session on Emotioanl Regulation? Check out the recording for what e-motion means: It was a good session worth your time.
2 days ago, Michelle Maris
emotional regulation
Olympia High School National Honor Society is sponsoring a letters from Santa project. NHS students will write letters as Santa to your kids for Christmas. There is no cost. If interested, please fill out the required questions below, so we are able to make the letters customized. These letters will be written, and mailed to your house before Christmas! Forms are due Friday, December 8th, 2023. Fill out a new form for each child.
3 days ago, Lisa Steve
My kid seems addicted to her phone. What do I do? It may seem like your kid is addicted (and may even "feel" addicted) to the phone, but it's more likely normal teen behavior. Read more:
3 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Can't make it tonight? Go ahead and register, that way the recorded session will show up in your inbox. Watch at your convenience!
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emotional face of kid
The Olympia National Honor Society is sponsoring a Toys for Tots Drive at the girls home basketball games tonight and tomorrow, against Prairie Central, then Dee-Mack. New toys or cash donations are appreciated! Bring your family and friends to enjoy the games and help support your local Toys for Tots!
4 days ago, Lisa Steve
Toys for Tots
Family Tip 5: Help kids identify healthy behaviors
4 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Family Tip 5
Ditch the Distractions: Supporting Kids and Teens with Phone Notifications. How to help kids with managing device notifications and maintaining their digital well-being.
8 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Ditch the Distractions
Family Tip 4: Watch and play together
9 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Family Tip 4
Mrs Goeke and Mrs. Hoffmemeir's classes read Moosletoe today and then worked through the STEM process to help Moose with his problem of not having a Christmas tree. They all worked well together showing Spartan skills of Determination, Perserverance, and Teamwork while also being Creative.
10 days ago, Vanessa Tibbs
the finished product
Very interested in the book.
Look at that Christmas Tree
So many different ideas.
Teamwork in the planning process.
More teamwork
Another creation
building is a process
Those smiles tells you of their success.
Only one week away! Sign up for Zoom link to show up in your inbox. All parents encouraged to join us.
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Article: New Healthy Media Habits for Young Kids Now that screen-time recommendations are more flexible, it's time for new rules. ~Caroline Knorr
10 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Health media habits
Olympia South had the pleasure of having Mr. P spend the morning doing all the work of a principal. He started the staff's day off with a teachers lounge full of doughnuts which were greatly appreciated! He did morning announcements, read to classes, did building checks and visited classrooms and of course-bus, lunch and recess duty!
11 days ago, STACEY ROGERS
Checking email
Bus duty!
Mr. P and Mrs. Rogers
Reading to kindergarten
Family Tip 3: Establish clear family rules
14 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Family Tip 3
Concerned about your kid's digital life? Here are five signs that they have a healthy relationship with screens.
15 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Healthy Screentime
Did you know that as a Spartan Parent you have access to parent supports and coaching 24/7? This school year we have a partnership with Parent Guidance. Check out their website -
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Happy School Board Appreciation Day to our school board members! Thank you for all you do for the District.
16 days ago, LAURA O'DONNELL
Looking for ways to manage your kid's device use? Check out these five easy screen-time tips.
17 days ago, EdTech@Oly
Screen Time Tips
Families, our next parent session is only 2 weeks away. Join us for this FREE hot topic session on Emotional Regulation.
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parent session