What is the Spartan Council?

The council is a collection of caring adults that work to connect community resources to the needs of children as identified by teachers and staff at a local school.

The goal of the Spartan Council is to remove barriers to learning so that all students have the opportunity to achieve success through education.

The Spartan Council will work to support our students through:

  • Meeting the physical needs of students which can stand in the way of academic achievement.
  • Providing more adult mentors for students.
  • Increasing opportunities for parental engagement.

How can I get involved?

Spartan Council Officer / Board Member - these individuals have strong ties to the community and will help create the structure needed to function as a non-profit group supporting a variety of student needs.

Business Sponsor - Business sponsors may provide a donation to the council or provide mentoring support to our schools via their employees.

Community Outreach - Community outreach members agree to spread the message of the Spartan Council and solicit additional sponsors or shout-out list participants.

Shout Out List Member - The shout out list is simply an electronic email list. When a need surfaces for a student or family, an email is sent to the shout out list. Shout out members that can assist with a request, simply reply to the email. The larger the list, the better we serve our communities and students.