Below you will find two images representing Angel Trees for our high school and middle school. On those images you will see ornaments representing a student who belongs to our Olympia community.  You can help them realize their holiday wishes by donating the items on their wishlist or by making a monetary donation.


Clicking on the labeled wishlist will take you to a list of wishlist items (OHS | OMS). Students were asked to provide two suggestions of clothing items, and two optional items that were each valued at less than $50.  Each student will be sponsored by one Olympia person/family.  We are hoping that each child receives at least 2-3 items from their wishlist.

After you review the list, jot down the number of the student that you would like to support and head over to the Angel Tree Form (OHS | OMS). Fill out the form by providing your email address and the student number that you have chosen. Once a number is chosen, it will disappear from the list of options on the form.


If your generosity takes the form of a monetary donation, you can do that too! Monetary donations will be used to purchase wishlist items that are not claimed initially, and those items will then be wrapped and delivered along with the others. You can make a donation by clicking on the wreath, or here: OHS | OMS.

Cash and check donations can be mailed to the Olympia Unit Office (903 East 800 North Road, Stanford IL, 61774).  Checks can be made out to Olympia (Angel Tree in envelope or in the memo line).


Each evening the wishlist form will be updated to indicate if a student has been chosen.  You can double check your chosen student by looking for the obscured email address on the form (i.e. ****ul@gmail.com).  Also, a receipt of your choice will be emailed to you immediately after you submit the form.  You will be contacted with more details about where to drop off the items.  Finally, the ornament of your chosen student will move from the shelf to decorate the tree!  Let’s get all of those ornaments on the tree!

Click on the image of our flyer to the right to learn more details about drop off locations and dates.  Choose one of these links to see either tree in fullscreen! OHS Tree | OMS Tree

Angel Tree Details 2021

OHS Angel Tree

OMS Angel Tree