Referendum Results

Referendum Results - Thank you to our voters!  On March 19th Olympia voters passed two ballot questions that will result in additional opportunities for students and will stabilize District finances. The tax swap will result in a larger percentage of our tax revenue being allocated to the Operations and Maintenance fund and the Education fund. It is important to note that this tax revenue will not be received until the summer of 2025. The Board of Education is working on developing tentative timelines for projects and construction resulting from the referendum. However, projects tied to the referendum questions and the reallocation of tax dollars, will not be started until 2025 as we are awaiting the revenue. We will continue to update the Referendum webpage with timelines as those are finalized.

Unofficial Referendum Results

The charts below will automatically update as new unofficial data is reported by the counties. If you would like to see the specific numbers, you can view this spreadsheet.