OHS Receives Thanks from the Troops!

Back around the holidays, the Olympia History Club collected clothing, toiletries and other items to send to some of our troops deployed overseas.  The club gathered enough for several packages...a couple to individual soldiers for whom we had addresses and a few just to “whomever” they found their way to.  

Recently, Olympia received an e-mail of thanks from one of those soldiers. To quote from the note of SSG Joshua Clark of Havana Ill, “..... I've been deployed to Iraq for the past 7 months with roughly 5-6 weeks remaining.  This is my 5th tour overseas….Usually at this point nobody gets any mail because we are so close to going home. It really caught me off guard when I got the package…...It was definitely the highlight of my day! ….it was inspiring to know that people still care.  …..so long as what seems to be a good crop of kids you have keeping their heads on straight we just might make it back to where we used to be before all this [..] terrorism turned things upside down. …. From the bottom of my heart thank you to those who signed the cards…..Thanks for the 10th time!  ~~ SSG Joshua Clark”