Wheel Life System

The Olympia School District is accepting sealed bids for two (2) Gray Air Wheel Lift System (pair) 10 Ton WL-20.  Each lift has a 10,000 lb load capacity.  They are air operated at 160 psi.  Lifting Height Maximum is 24 in.  The equipment has the following specifications:

Tire gripping carriage

Gray American manufactured air cylinder

3000 psi steel encased air hose

Capacity per set of two: 20,000 lbs

Minimum start height: Floor level

Maximum Lift Height: 24 inches

Power: Shop Air

Required Air Pressure: 160 PSI

Stroke: 24

Minimum Wheel Diameter (w/Adaptors) 16"

Minimum Wheel Diameter (w/o Adaptors) 19 1/2"

Maximum Wheel Diameter: 24 1/2"

Overall Width: 41 9/16"

Overall Depth: 44 1/4"

Overall Height: 53 1/4"

All bids must be submitted on or before Monday July 25th at 10:00 a.m. to the District Administration Office (903 E 800 North Rd Stanford, IL 61774), Attention Andy Walsh.  Mark all envelopes: Lift Systems

The school district reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

A bid opening will occur at that time.