preschool screenings

The Olympia School District has two upcoming preschool screening events planned for the 2022-23 school year.  The first event will be a single date and will be for all students in the District.  It will take place on Wednesday, January 25th in Atlanta.  The second round of screenings will take place the week of April 24th and there will be a date for each elementary building.   Screenings will take place in Danvers on Monday, April 24th,  in Minier on Tuesday, April 25th, and lastly in Atlanta on Wednesday, April 26th.

To be eligible for our preschool program at any of our elementary buildings, students must be screened by our team.  Students must be three years old by the date of the screening but can't be over the age of four.  The screening will determine where your student falls developmentally in areas such as motor skills, concepts, language, and behavior.  Once a student is screened, they are given a need score and are either invited into the preschool program at that time or are added to our waiting list.  Students are accepted into the program based off of  their need score from our waiting list any time there is an opening.  Students only need to be screened one time by our team so if your student is currently on our waiting list, they do not need to do anything further.  

To sign up for a preschool screening, there will be a web article announcing the preschool screenings about a month before the screening date.  In that article there will be a link to a Google form.  After you submit the Google form, you will receive an email with a time slot for a screening.

Please contact Ami Lawson (, 309-379-6011 ext 1127) at the District Office if you have any questions about the preschool screening process.